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Who can be a Member?

According the By-Laws, there are two (2) categories of membership, General and Special. A General Member is defined as any person who owns and resides within the Parshallville Community (see the boundaries as defined below), or owns and operates a business therein, who has requested membership in the Association and has paid the current annual dues. A Special Member is defined as any other person, who does not qualify as a General Member, but who has an interest in participating in the Association. The Parshallville Community is defined as all that land lying on or within Faussett Rd. to the north; Clyde Rd. to the south; Old US 23 to the east and McGuire Rd. to the west.

Benefits of Membership

  • Newsletters (quarterly)
  • Email Alerts
  • Parshallville Breakfast
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Harvest Dinner (Fall)
  • Bonfire (Fall)
  • Township Development Alerts
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Rizor Sanctuary Events
  • ...and much, much more!

Cost to Join

Membership dues are only $25 for the entire year. Dues renewals are automatically sent to you each April, but you can join at any time. Please consider joining the dozens of other Parshallville residents who find value in their PCA membership. Download the Membership Application below to get started. Thanks!

Fun Fact

According to a long-time local man, the pond used to have lots of big fish and recreation. There were wooden rowboats for rent on the pond, upstream across from the “peninsula”. Also there were two docks and people came to fish the pond. Fish caught included: 5 and 6 pound bass; crappies (speckled bass); northern pike; catfish; blue gills; warmouth bass; walleye. There used to be no fence under the mill around the wheel, and the kids spear fished there. Crayfish were caught at night by the kids, using flashlights. It was an eerie sight seeing those lights below the dam. In the daytime, the kids stood under the dam, getting sprayed by the force of water. (I remember this-my kids did it.) Bullhead and catfish were planted in the pond. The walleye in our pond went to Lake Shannon when the dam broke.