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Who Cooks for You?

By webmaster - Posted on May 3, 2011

This Barred Owl visits the Detter residence in March.

By Larry Detter

My friend has horizontal bars on his chest and vertical bars on his tummy. He always dresses the same, and with such an aristocratic air. In fact, he's my very special neighbor — Mr. Barred Owl!

He came to visit one day in March, landing confidently on the hand-rail of my deck staircase. Peering directly into the house with a stare-like gaze, you would think he was about to ask a very important question. Instead he perched himself in a judge-like manner as if to claim ownership or render a great judgment. I couldn’t contain myself as I hollered loudly for my wife to come witness this scholarly looking bird-of-prey at our doorstep. I had just enough time to snap a picture-portrait! Then he turned his head, and with two great, but gentle flaps of his widespread wings, he took flight landing in the woods beyond. From there, he surveyed the surrounding landscape, but made no attempt to pursue a meal from the crowd of unconcerned 'customers' coming and going from the bird feeder nearby. He disappeared as quietly and mysteriously as he had come.

So listen carefully. Mr. Barred Owl may 'call' at your house too. You will recognize his questioning plea, "Who Cooks For You? Who Cooks For You?"

Fun Fact

The Tom Walker Grist Mill, now known as the Parshallville Cider Mill, is a Michigan Registered Historic Site.