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Rizor Nature Sanctuary Tour a Success

By webmaster - Posted on Jun 10, 2011

Parshallville residents tour the Rizor Nature Sanctuary

By Larry Detter

Stewards, Diane and Larry Detter, were proud to recently share the Rizor Nature Sanctuary with the Michigan Nature Association owners. It was a special feature of their annual membership meeting. With expert help from former steward, Bill McEachern, two hiking tours were conducted explaining the physical attributes, resident wildlife and local history of the sanctuary. Their enthusiasm, enjoyment and dedicated efforts to preserve this beautiful setting were evident to all who attended.

Fun Fact

Church bells could be heard ringing in the village on Sundays from the white frame church on Linden Rd. It was originally Methodist-Episcopal, built in 1876, but over the years it changed denominations. It discontinued service as a church in 1990.