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PCA 2011-12 Election Information

By webmaster - Posted on May 3, 2011

The Annual Meeting of the Parshallville Community Association, scheduled for May 21 at the Mill, includes the election for the Board of Trustees.

The Board has eight members. Each year four of the eight are elected, and the following year the other four are elected. That way, trustees’ positions are staggered, assuring there will always be experienced members on the Board. Each position will serve a term of two years.

This year the trustees up for election are presently on the Board, willing to be re-elected. These four people are: Chris Eckman, currently our Vice President; David Lee, our Treasurer and Webmaster; Eleanor Conaway, our President; and Linda Harwood, our Secretary. We’re grateful they are willing to remain on the Board.

Every member of the PCA present at the Annual Meeting will be given a secret ballot for the election. Members are defined as those living in our membership area who have paid their annual dues ($25). Dues can be paid at the time of the Meeting.

Non-members cannot vote but are very welcome to attend.

Fun Fact

Migratory or seasonal Native Americans had once camped in the Parshallville area to hunt and fish. Over the years, many arrowheads have been found and collected by residents.