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Notes from the PCA

By webmaster - Posted on Sep 16, 2012

The following items were just a few of the many topics discussed at a recent board meeting:

  • The association has discussed changing the day of the week for the Annual Meeting.
  • We would like to get more members to sign onto the website and vote for preferences on issues important to the community.
  • Some residents are concerned by the speeding on Allen Road. The board has been looking into this and we have recently seen the sheriff  patrolling the area.
  • The board will be offering free advertising to PCA members in our quarterly newsletter.
  • The board will continue monitor the phosphorus content in the pond.

Fun Fact

When a member of the community died, the owner of the old party/grocery store on Linden Rd used to put a cigar box on the counter for people to donate money for the family. When the box appeared, everyone knew someone had died.