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Look what I saw today

By webmaster - Posted on May 5, 2012

Not sure if is was a fox or a coyote. Let me know in the comments below.

Not sure if that's a fox or a coyote, but I saw this little guy about 100 yards away from me while I was cutting the grass today. I have never seen one in the middle of the day (about 2:00pm), so I jumped off my tractor and grabbed my camera. He came out of that large 92 acre parcel on Parshallivlle Rd just north of Clyde.

I think it's a Red Fox that appears to be shedding his winter coat, but I'm not sure. If you have any idea what it might be, please comment below.

David Lee

Here are some more pictures:

I agree with Eleanor's comment above. The general features of this animal are too big to be a fox. Fox are very 'fine' featured: small head and short legs. Their color is definitely red/orange, not mixed and indistinct as this animal. Fox have black colored legs with clearly seen white chest and the tip of their tail white, also. The animal pictured would appear to be a coyote by comparison -- note its 'mangy,' rugged, unkept 'look.' That's typical of coyote sightings. Also, fox are considered to be nocturnal -- rarely seen in daylight hours, whereas coyotes are often seen in neighborhoods at anytime of the day. Fox are far more cautious and distant.

I am 99% sure this is a coyote. Foxes are lower to the ground because of their shorter legs. The red hair was a bit confusing but coyotes can be different colors. Send one of these guys over to see us. Our PCA friends speak of the coyotes they see and hear but we haven't had the privilege. Supposedly the presence of coyotes is a sign of a healthy eco-system.

Fun Fact

Church bells could be heard ringing in the village on Sundays from the white frame church on Linden Rd. It was originally Methodist-Episcopal, built in 1876, but over the years it changed denominations. It discontinued service as a church in 1990.