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Enbridge cited for discharge into Parshallville Pond

By webmaster - Posted on Jul 5, 2013

This video by Jake McGraw, member of MI CATS (the Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands), shows orangish/brown fluid containing oil and grease being pumped into Ore Creek from the Enbridge Tar Sand Pipeline 6b replacement project. Enbridge Energy was given a violation by MI DEQ for the incident.

A related story appeared in the July 4, 2013 edition of the Press & Argus:

Enbridge cited for discharge in Hartland

Pipeline company says it's working with Michigan to resolve issues

An Enbridge Energy LP representative said the company is working with the state to resolve issues surrounding what he termed “a discharge of hydrostatic test water” into Ore Creek in Hartland Township.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality last week cited Enbridge over the discharge, which was captured on video by a local resident.

Enbridge is building an oil pipeline in the area. Hydrostatic test water is placed in pipelines, then raised above atmospheric pressure to check for leaks and structural flaws.

The company was issued a notice of violation by the MDEQ, with reports indicating it was given until the end of this month to resolve the issue.

“The discharge of test water at North Ore Creek involved some unforeseen circumstances, and while we believe there was no environmental harm as a result, Enbridge takes this matter seriously,” company spokesman Jason Manshum said in a statement.

“We are thoroughly reviewing the NOV and working with the MDEQ to resolve the issue,” Manshum said, adding the company regretted the incident happened. An NOV is a notice of violation.

Inspectors last month said they found red-stained algae and vegetation on the creek’s bank, according to a report by television station WMMT-TV of Kalamazoo. The same report also indicated that oil and grease levels in that creek section were higher than maximum permitted levels.

The creek flows through Parshallville, an unincorporated area in Hartland Township’s northwest quarter.

A July 2010 spill from an Enbridge pipeline led to still-continuing cleanup efforts on the Kalamazoo River.

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Fun Fact

According to a long-time local man, the pond used to have lots of big fish and recreation. There were wooden rowboats for rent on the pond, upstream across from the “peninsula”. Also there were two docks and people came to fish the pond. Fish caught included: 5 and 6 pound bass; crappies (speckled bass); northern pike; catfish; blue gills; warmouth bass; walleye. There used to be no fence under the mill around the wheel, and the kids spear fished there. Crayfish were caught at night by the kids, using flashlights. It was an eerie sight seeing those lights below the dam. In the daytime, the kids stood under the dam, getting sprayed by the force of water. (I remember this-my kids did it.) Bullhead and catfish were planted in the pond. The walleye in our pond went to Lake Shannon when the dam broke.