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Easter Egg Hunt a huge success!

By webmaster - Posted on Apr 9, 2012

Larry Detter announces instructions to the little ones at this year's PCA Easter Egg Hunt on April 7 at the Cider Mill.

The 15th Annual Easter Egg Hunt of the Parshallville Community Association was a great success! On the Saturday before Easter over 130 children, parents, grandparents and friends gathered at the Cider Mill to search for eggs and visit with one another. At least 62 children from barely-walking age to teens raced for the candy-filled eggs. As usual, the little children were sent off first and then the older ones.

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Tickets were enclosed in some eggs which could be turned in for prizes. In addition, there were contests and drawings. Alivia Devitt won one big Easter basket and Eli Halonen won the other. Gwen Kangas won the jelly-bean-counting contest, guessing 460 jelly beans out of 489!

Coffee, donuts, cookies and Irish soda bread were provided by the Association.

Many thanks go to our members: Debbie Hense set up the Egg Hunt as she has done in the past with her family’s help; Laurie Mentley with help from husband Jeff provided refreshments, tables and oversaw the activities; Larry and Diane Detter announced all the activities  and handled the baskets; the Neal family hid the eggs; Bob Conaway handed out prizes; the Detlefs provided the use of the Cider Mill; and many others (including Cheryl Gren who brought her famous bread) helped with the activities.

Participants were very generous in donations to cover the expenses. Thank you all!

Fun Fact

The Parshallville Community Association was founded by Bill McEachern in 1997.