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This website was produced and is being maintained by the Parshallville Community Association (PCA). Its purpose to help provide information to residents as well as help cultivate community within the Parshallville area.

Content Contributors

While most of the article content is created by the PCA Board members, we fully encourage guest articles from our neighbors. If you have an idea or a story to share, please contact one of the board members. We would LOVE your content contributions!

Photo Credits

A big THANK YOU goes out to Robbie Conaway. Robbie is a Parshallville native (son to Bob and Eleanor) and kindly gave us permission to use his amazing photographs throughout this website. Visit his website at


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Fun Fact

The Purple Gang, notorious Prohibition bootleggers from Detroit, owned a farm in Parshallville on Allen Rd. It was common knowledge amongst the locals that the mobsters stayed at the farm, which was one of many hideouts in rural Michigan. Chicago mobster Al Capone was rumored to have visited the farm.